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Dealer Product Code: 710-BCCAP

Have you lost the protective cap for the connector with eyelets for connecting your BC Battery charger?

No problem! You can also buy it separately!

The connector with eyelets (3 VARIANTS AVAILABLE: STD2V/STD2VCAR/STD2VCAR2) is an accessory that allows the connection of any battery charger and battery maintainer of the BC Battery range directly to the battery of your car/bike, through the eyelets.

The cap serves to protect the wiring and ensure its durability: once connected to the vehicle battery, it makes the connection to the charger quick and easy, with no need to reach the battery!

Once the charger has been disconnected, the protective cap must be screwed back onto the wiring harness to ensure optimum product durability and resistance.

All BC battery chargers and battery maintainers are supplied with the wiring harness with eyelets and protective cap included in the package, but it is also possible to purchase both separately to enable the user to equip all vehicles in his possession with a battery charging harness quickly and easily (or possibly as a spare in case of loss).

All our products are manufactured with high quality materials specifically for use in the Automotive industry (resistance to oils, grease, atmospheric agents, thermal/mechanical stress) and are 100% Made in Italy: the attention to detail that characterises all BC Battery products has allowed us to offer you a range of solid and long-lasting products.