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Do You need a universal cable to quickly connect a battery starter to your bike?

Thanks to this accessory, connecting a booster (or a BC charger) to your vehicle just got easier and faster! 

This accessory allows you to quickly and easily connect a battery starter or BC Battery charger to the battery of your bike or scooter. 

Practical and versatile, this accessory allows you to connect a booster at any bike without having to reach the battery, making the emergency start a simple procedure even in the most difficult conditions and for inexperienced users. 

Using it is very simple: simply connect the cable with eyelets to the motorcycle battery (red wire to the positive pole and black wire to the negative pole), then connect the emergency starter. 

Thanks to a special adapter included in the package, you can also use BBC Bike Booster Cable for connecting a battery charger of the BC Battery range.

In both cases, the connection becomes quick and easy, because it will no longer be necessary to reach the battery of the vehicle: you can simply leave the cable permanently connected to the battery. 



The accessory has a total length of 60 cm: it is universal for any bike and compatible with most lithium portable starters present in the market. 

The wiring is waterproof in each component, from the plugs to the connectors, and is made with specific automotive materials, resistant to oils, greases, atmospheric agents, mechanical stress and high temperatures up to 200 ° C and is 100% Made in Italy.

The positive cable is equipped with an additional case resistant to high temperatures (up to 500 ° C) and an electronic protection circuit, which has the dual purpose of preventing return currents during the starting (thus avoiding damage to the booster) and to allow a secure recharge of the battery to 100% with a BC charger. 

Robust connectors suitable for use in harsh conditions are guarantee of quality of the connection system to the battery throughout time: the attention to detail that characterizes the entire range of BC Battery products has allowed us to offer a product that is solid and durable. 

By buying a BBC Bike Booster Cable, for use in combination with a booster or battery charger / maintainer BC Battery, you can equip all vehicles in your possession of a cable for recharging the battery easily and fast 

This way, each of your vehicles will be equipped with a cable and connecting your charger will become really quick and simple.