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This accessory is a 45 ° adapter with Dual USB socket (2.1 Amp + 2.1 ampere each output) which allows you to recharge up two devices simultaneously (such as Apple and Android smartphones, tablet, satellite navigators, and any other device equipped with a USB charger).

The device is compatible with 12 / 24V DIN.4165 sockets, present on all BMW motorbikes in circulation and on numerous models of Ducati, KTM and Triumph motorcycles.

Using it is simple: just insert the adapter into the DIN.4165 plug of your bike.

Modern electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet and satellite navigation systems are equipped with a charging cable that usually connects to an electrical outlet (see example images): thanks to this universal adapter you just need to connect the charger cable to your device to recharge it easily.

The 45 ° angulation of this accessory makes it perfect to adapt to the position of the DIN.4165 outlet, making it even more practical.


The USB socket is equipped with protection from short circuit and automatic shutdown system in case of overload.
The protective cap and the waterproof connection system guarantee maximum impermeability.