BC PRO 10x2 - Professional 2 outputs battery charger, 10 Amp

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BC PRO 10x2 is a 10 Ampere battery charger and maintainer with 2 outputs with wall fixing system (workshop bench or lift) of the BC professional line Battery, ideal for charging and maintaining 12V batteries, both traditional lead-acid / liquid, gel, MF, AGM, EFB, VRLA, Ca / Ca and lithium (Li-Ion and LiFePO4) up to 200 Ah, especially designed for workshops cars, vehicle remittances and battery dealers.


BC PRO 10x2 is equipped with 2 10 Ampere outputs with which it is possible to manage up to 2 batteries at the same time, and to perform different charge cycles in a totally independent way, it will therefore be possible to simultaneously charge 1 Start & Stop battery with a Lithium battery or a classic car battery.

It is possible to choose between 3 different charging programs: “CAR”, for traditional car batteries (liquid, gel, sealed), LITHIUM MODE, for lithium batteries, START & STOP for AGM or EFB batteries.

The charger is suitable for batteries from 20 to 200 Ah and is able to recover flat batteries starting from 1.25V. The device returns worn batteries to efficiency thanks to the desulfation cycle and analyzes the battery to verify that it is able to maintain a charge before moving on to maintenance.

Whether it is to recharge and desulfate customer batteries, to initialize and supply the
charging new batteries first or keeping charged batteries on the shelves of a
warehouse, BC BC PRO 10x2 is always the right solution.

On the 2 high visibility LCD displays it is possible to monitor in real time all the parameters and information relating to the operation of the device:

- the active charge mode (CAR or LITHIUM or START & STOP)
- the charge cycle in progress (Charge, Desulfation, Maintenance ...)
- the battery voltage (digital voltmeter)
- any operating anomaly (pole inversion, short circuit, battery not connected ...)


Phase 1 - Initialization: check that one or more cells are not short-circuited and that therefore the battery is in a condition to be recharged / recovered. For “LITHIUM” program: an integrated sensor measures the ambient temperature: at low temperatures (5 ° C) the charging current is limited and the POLAR MODE safe charge mode is automatically activated.
Phase 2 - Recovery: if the battery is in extreme discharge conditions (starting from 1.25V), the device attempts a recovery, to bring it back to higher voltages compatible with the next phase.
Phase 3 - Light Charge: If the battery is significantly discharged, the device delivers a light pulsed current to the battery to overcome the critical phase.
Phase 4 - Main Charge: during this phase the battery charger supplies full current to the battery, which can recover up to 85-90% of its capacity.
Phase 5 - Desulfation / Absorption (only for "CAR" and "START & STOP" programs) in this phase a controlled overcharging is supplied to the battery capable of restoring the remaining 10-15% of the battery capacity, by means of desulfation / recovery of the cells lead-acid (for mild or medium sulfation levels).
Phase 6 - Battery Analysis: the device interrupts the supply of current for a few tens of minutes and checks that the battery is able to retain the charge received during the previous charging cycles. The test is periodically repeated at regular intervals.
Phase 7 - Maintenance: thanks to a specially designed electronic circuit, the device maintains the battery charge during periods of inactivity, without overheating, overcharging and water / electrolyte loss.
Phase 8 - Equalization: during long-term maintenance, the device performs an equalization charge every 30 days to rebalance the battery cells, avoiding electrolyte stratification phenomena.



- Three selectable charging programs: CAR MODE for traditional car batteries
(liquid, gel, sealed), LITHIUM MODE for lithium batteries, START & STOP for
AGM or EFB batteries, normally found on cars equipped with Start & Stop system.

- Backlit LCD display for easy viewing (even at night in the distance), which indicates: the active charging mode (CAR or LITHIUM or START & STOP), the charging cycle in progress (Charging, Desulfation, Maintenance ...), the battery voltage (digital voltmeter) and any operating anomalies (pole inversion, short circuit, battery not connected ...).

- Multilingual software: the user can select the display language among Italian,
French, English, German, Spanish or Portuguese.

- Real-time monitoring of battery parameters during all charge cycles.

- Battery overcharge protection: it trips when the microprocessor detects a voltage higher than a predetermined threshold; no heating hio formation of bubbles for all batteries on the market (also MF and Gel).

- 2 years of warranty for breakdowns or malfunctions attributable to materials or to



The charger is equipped with 2 brackets for wall support and can work indistinctly vertically or horizontally on a workbench.

The charger is designed to require no maintenance and is built and
tested according to current regulations to comply with all safety requirements e
electromagnetic compatibility.

1. Protection against inversion of battery poles.
2. Short circuit protection (also permanent).
3. Overheating protection: the supplied current is automatically limited in case of excessive heating of the device.



- BC10x2 professional battery charger
- Wall support already integrated into the body (possibly removable by the user)
- 2 cables with insulated terminals for connection to the battery
- Power cable
- Connector for language selection
- Instruction manual



Input Voltage: 220-240V ac, 50 / 60Hz
Charging voltage: 13.8V-14.7V - nom. 12V (CAR / START&STOP programs) 14.2V - nom. 12V (LITHIUM program)
Max charge current: 10A for each output
Battery types: 12V lead-acid batteries (traditional, MF, gel, AGM, EFB), Ca/Ca and Lithium
Battery capacity: from 20 to 200 Ah
Charging algorithm: 8-cycle automatic (CAR / START & STOP programs) ; 7-cycle automatic (LITHIUM program)
Operating temperature: -20 ° C / + 50 ° C
Protections: Short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharging, overheating
Dimensions: 24 x 22 x 8.5 cm
Weight: 4 Kg