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BC Starter Kit is available in two versions, with and without including booster. 

BC Starter Kit

BC Starter Kit (without Booster)

Directly from the experience in World Superbike, BC Battery Controller makes available to his customer who demands the ultimate in quality and performance system, called BC Starter Kit, can ensure the ultimate solution to the problem of " being on foot with their bikes. "

BC Starter Kit provides the following advantages: 

- reduction in the weight of the battery up to 80%, passing the lithium battery BC Lithium Batteries 

- the starter clutch emergency becomes an operation of a few seconds. P> - the grafting of maintainer occurs by using the same wiring used for emergency starting, thus avoiding to install too many cables around the battery.

- the battery charger / maintainer BC Lithium 900 can remain connected and allows in-term storage of your bike to keep in perfect charge the battery and to recover it in case of deep discharge from 1.25V, value lower than the market.

- the emergency starter is portable (similar in size to a smartphone) and you can also use as a power bank. 

The first step is to take advantage of the search engine below to locate the battery based on the make and model of your bike and then the BC Starter Kit corresponding code. If your vehicle is not listed, please fill out the form BCrequired information.

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