What is the difference between the BC series Charger and Carbon Design series?

Here are explained the main differences between the two types of charger and Automatic BC Battery Maintainers

All our chargers have the same charging technology to 8 automatic cycles (initialization, recovery, light charge, main charge, desulphation / collecting, analyzing, maintaining, equalization); However, there are some differences that distinguish the two product ranges.

All BC chargers can also be connected to the vehicle using the cable grommets supplied can be left always connected to the battery (connection "connect and forget"), or through cord with clamps also included in the package.

The advanced technology of the charger is specifically designed to allow you to leave them connected continuously, without any risk to the vehicle's electronics, or for the battery, and costs with extremely low power consumption (max 2 euro a year for continued use 365 days a year).

The BC Battery chargers are able to recover batteries extremely low (from 1.25V, the lowest level on the market). Once completed the charging cycle, automatically switch to the maintenance mode, in order to always ensure a full charge of the battery even during long periods of inactivity: thanks to the continuous automatic control of the level of charge, the charger is able to provide additional charge if necessary, to maintain the battery at 100%.

The function of equalization, which is also carried out automatically each month from the charger, ensures a perfect distribution of the electrolyte in the cells, thus avoiding the damaging phenomenon of stratification.

The BC Battery chargers are extremely safe: protected against reverse polarity, short circuit, overload, overheating, they guarantee the absence of risks and dangers both to the bike, which wiring and the battery.


The Carbon series is a range of products improved over the previous version Design

The chargers and maintainers series CARBON (3500 EVO +, 5000 EVO +, 9000 EVO +, Smart 5000+, Smart 10000+) all have these characteristics in common:

·         3 specific charging programs (motorcycles, cars, start & amp; stop)

·         the most advanced software with automatic optimization of the charging curve as a function of ambient temperature (for all three charging programs)

·         LCD display on which you can read volt battery in real time while charging and maintaining

·         battery and alternator tester function (through which you can monitor the battery starts and the correct working of the vehicle).

·         improved more modern and attractive design

·         5 year warranty


The main difference between these models is the Maximum charge current, which affects the upload speed (most high is the maximum charging current, the charging will be fast)

In addition, the Smart and Smart 5000+ 10000+ models also have the POWER SUPPLY function that allows you to change the battery without losing the parameters / data memory the vehicle and acts as a "memory saver" device


The chargers of the DESIGN series (Bravo 2000 Smart 2000 3500 EVO, 9000 EVO, Duet 1500) work with the same algorithm recharge to 8 automatic cycles, but have some differences with the Carbon models:

·         essential design

·         This is not the specific program optimized for vehicles with start&stop

·         3-year warranty


Even in this case, the main difference between the various models is the maximum charging current: more is high, the more the charging cycle will be quick.