The BC Battery products that we recommend are:

  • K900 EDGE : Click the link to find out the specifications of the perfect product to charge and maintain the battery strong lead-acid of your bike with "CAN Bus" system.
  • K900 EVO +:  Click the link if you want a product able to charge and maintain batteries is Lead-acid lithium of your bike equipped the "CAN Bus system."
  • 3500 EVO + : Click the link if you want a more powerful product for cars that go too well for BMW motorcycles. This battery charger can be connected directly to the motorcycle battery, thus avoiding the Can-Bus and without using the cigarette lighter socket. The cable with eyelets, black, hides perfectly in the frame and can be fixed with a black clip (such as those used by electricians).

All BMW motorcycles (if you have a scooter, see below) are equipped with an electronic "CAN Bus said edge" system, which integrates all the control units in a network: specifically "CAN bus" (or unit for the cigarette lighter socket) is located between the battery and the socket.

On scooter BMW the cigarette lighter socket is "subkey" (ie is put into operation only with the ignition on): in this case it is not possible Further, use the charger in such a way CAN-Bus and connect it to the cigarette lighter socket; instead it is necessary to connect the charger directly to the battery via the battery cable with eyelets provided.

It 'important to know that the battery charger (also smart but without CAN-Bus specific program) when connected to the cigarette lighter not only fail to operate effectively but even discharge the battery. That's why we created the magazine BC and BC K900 K900 EDGE EVO +, fully compatible with the "CAN Bus" system.

Due to their advanced technology in fact they have a Specific Program for charging and maintenance of batteries of vehicles with "CAN bus system" and can be directly connected to the cigarette lighter no need to turn on the ignition.

You have more than one bike? Are you a collector?

You'll want to add to order another fixing cable with eyelets (see photo), so using a common screwdriver you can "get your hands dirty" once and attach a cable for each vehicle connection. Fear not, all BC products are protected against short circuit and do not make any spark in the event of incorrect installation, you cannot do any harm either to the vehicle control unit, nor to your person.

This will connect your charger BC is that your bike to your car will become an operation of a few seconds!

If you want to install it on a new bike, click on cable with eyelets for motorcycles