Dual USB Charger (2.1 Amp 2.1 Amp)

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Product Code for Dealer: 710-USB2

This accessory is equipped with a double USB socket (5V max 2.1amp + 2.1 amp) in order to connect and charge your electronic devices such as navigators, smartphones and tablets (both Android and Apple) to the car cigarette lighter socket; it is compatible with all makes and models of cars on the market, as well as the sockets sometimes found on motorcycles / scooters (for example Kymco, Piaggio scooters).

Using it is very simple: just insert the adapter inside the cigarette lighter socket of your car or motorcycle.

Modern electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and satellite navigators are equipped with a charging cable that usually connects to a power outlet (see example images): thanks to this universal adapter, simply connect the charger cable of your device inside the USB socket for easy recharging.

The double USB plug can be used with the following cables (not included in the package)

Lightning cable

USB C cable

Micro USB cable

The low profile dual USB socket adapter is universal and fits perfectly into all our BC Battery sockets (P12A series - see below) thus allowing a watertight and secure closure of the cap and preventing any risk of water infiltration or other agents, while the practical LED light indicates when the device is in operation.

Our car / motorcycle sockets are all made with high quality materials and 100% Made in Italy (12V Cigarette Lighter Socket for Motorcycle Handlebar P12A, 12V Socket for Motorcycle Handlebar + P12USB USB Socket, 12V Socket for Motorcycle Handlebar + Double USB Socket P12USBDUAL, 12V socket type Cigarette lighter 710-SACC612V)

Have you lost your 710-USB adapter that came with our BC P12USBDUAL socket?

No problem, you can also buy it individually!


For BC Battery, safety is an absolute priority: the adapter is equipped with a "Power On" LED indicator for short circuit protection and an automatic shutdown system in case of overload.